Irina BENITSKAÏA offers worldwide an exclusive selection of Rottweilers puppies issued from its famous champions and reproducers.

All puppies are resulting from the crossings of James, Björn, Dari, Bijou, Oscar, Andy and Paula.

For more information regarding availability and future rotties, please contact Irina to the following number +33 1 4829 4637 or email to

Photos of our puppies


Education of Brooklyn at 3 months
(T'Jemma - G'ringo)
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Exercise of track of Xari at 3 months
(Bijou - Oscar)
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For your information, the breeding Vom Löwenherzritter voluntarily limits the number of ranges and refuses any industrial-type production in order to obtain very beautiful rotties and excellent show results. We emphasize quality instead of quantity !

All the puppies are breeds until 5 weeks in the residence (large and luminous room), then they are gradually integrated into the hounds. It is for these reasons why the breeding Vom Löwenherzritter obtains balanced and very sociable dogs.